voipclub 10.0.14012

Make cheap international calls from your PC to phone

The softphone allows you to make cheap international calls from your PC to phone and mobile/cell phone worldwide!

With VoIPlub you may call all your friends and family from your PC. VoIPclub offers most cheapest call rates on internet, most destinations cost less than 1 cent. VoipClub is a free program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world. Just download the voip-client software from our website and call all your online friends (computer-to-computer) as long as you like, for free. When you use the free VoipClub software, you can also call at an incredible low rate to any other phone on the planet.

With VoIPclub soft you can send sms messages instantly to your friends and family with lowest rates and you may put your SMS sender ID as your cell/mobile phone or username.

Our program is a small and tiny, it takes just a few seconds to download it and set up and start calling. Call back is a service, which allows connection between two persons in a way that each has an incoming call. Considerable savings on calls, if you are abroad for a business trip. Call rates are considerably lower than for normal local or international calls. Instrument for savings anytime and anywhere.

The program id meant for people who like to use VoIP to save money on phone calls and sms.

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voipclub 10.0.14012

User reviews about voipclub

  • Daideepya

    by Daideepya

    "Software is great..."

    easy to buy credits..... amazing quality at low price.... software is great... thanks and wishes to Voip Clup.   More.

  • alien777

    by alien777

    "Very good soft"

    Very good soft for voip calls and easy to use application, I recomment also, it is worth of trying it..   More.

  • vitalijk777

    by vitalijk777


    The soft is execellent, I would recommend it to all voip fans on internet, it is small in weight and fast in action..   More.

  • managerxml

    by managerxml

    "Excellent Program"

    Have tried it and satisfied as well, works good for me, small and easy to use, the calling quality is clear and good....   More.